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Pile Of Fit

Pile Of Fit is the new fitness podcast that dives deep into the world of exercise and diet, from the point of view of smart, sarcastic and slightly older-than-normal coaches-in-training. Thanks for giving us a listen!

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Pile of Fit is sponsored by Nela Athletics, NorthEast Los Angeles' premiere CrossFit, Boot Camp, Endurance and Olympic Weight Lifting gym with two locations.

Mar 31, 2018

This week's guest is coach Chevy Kouladjian, who brings his ridiculous and manic level of research and study to all things CrossFit. He tells about his CrossFit history, his obsession with form, and how the hell he juggled gym time with law school and starting a family. Also: Justin's attempt at marathon running doesn't...

Mar 15, 2018

Coach RaNaye Carrigan has long been one of the pillars of Nela Athletics, and this week she's in the studio to talk to us about her long athletic career, and her new forays into competitive aesthetic bodybuilding. But she isn't quite prepared for what goes on at Pile of Fit, and to make matters weirder, Paul is feeling...

Mar 1, 2018

Paul, Wes and Justin talk about 18.1, karaoke, and the boxes-away-from-home that we frequent when we visit loved ones. Coach Michael Juarez joins the gang. Then, discussion shifts to Nela Athletics' new Crossfit Kids program.